Where am I going?  An exact location map will be emailed to you the week prior to your mini shoot.  This is so I can walk the site and make sure there is no last minute construction or unpublished event at the location.  I also do not publish the exact sites so that we can keep some of these gems just for us.

What happens when I arrive?  You will first sign a simple contract/model release, I will ask you a few questions and then we will start.

How many images can I expect?  Anywhere between 30-100 images in your image set.  How many images you get will largely depend on how your session goes and what images turn out.  Each one is different.

Can I reschedule?  No.  These sessions are non refundable, no matter the reason.  The best option is to offer your spot to a friend and try again at a later date.

What happens if it is ongoing snow or rain?  I will email you as soon as I decide to cancel the shoot.  Please reply saying you received the email. If I do not hear from you I will text you.  I have a lot of people to contact so this is the best I can do on shoot day.  I will then  give you an opportunity to reschedule, put your fee towards another session type or refund your money.  Please know my goal is to shoot but I don't want to ruin  my equipment.

How can I be sure I will get all the shots I want?  There are no guarantees but the best thing to do is communicate your priorities.  If your first photo hope is “portraits of your daughter” then a “family portrait”, let me know and I will do my best to fit it all in and make them great.  If you have a list of specific shots, you bring pinterest examples or you have brought a bunch of prints examples of shots you like, you are most likely suited more for a portrait session where you will have more time (and I will have more equipment) to make your session a success.  

What should I bring?   Often you need nothing at all!  Should you want to bring things, bring only items you can carry or put in a stroller, we will shoot and move. Wipes, drinks, sunscreen, snacks.  Some spots will involve you leaving the stroller and walking.  The most successful sessions are the ones that we KEEP SIMPLE.  Time will fly by and stuff management is a huge part of it.  Leave your purse in the car.  Some sites are not safe to have you keep putting your purse on the ground and then sort of ignoring it.

Do you edit the images?  Yes.  I make a few passes to edit the color, crop, composition and sometimes add filters.  0-15% might end up black and white. Because of the reduced rate, I do not open photoshop to do any detailed retouching for mini shoots.  Food on your children's faces will show up so please do a final check (including those wonderful nostrils) before we start.  Have wipes in hand.

What if my kid (or animal) does not do well?  Once again, communicate your priorities, if your child falls apart, it is good to know what you want most so I can focus on that right away.  Manage your expectations, not every Mini Shoot is going to be amazing.  If your children struggle and your mini shoot does not go as well as you had hoped, please don’t give up.  Sometimes it takes the full 20 minutes to get your children into it and then we are done.  Sometimes it takes more than one session for them to get into the rhythm of the mini shoot and get used to me.  Time of year, weather, what they are wearing, how well rested and fed they are... it all matters.

What if I only need one shot for a headshot, LinkedIN profile?  Great.  We have up to 20 minutes but can stop at one minute if you like.

Will my images be used in online posts and Rendition Studios marketing?  Yes.  One reason these sessions are priced as they are is so I can use them to market certain sites, certain aspects of a photoshoot and generally show off how awesome my clients are.  If you want to do a Portrait or Lifestyle session instead there is an option to NOT use your photos online.

I am signed up for a baby only mini shoot, what does that mean?  This space and the camera lenses I will have chosen are intended to focus on your little one, only.  Should your child really struggle, you might have to pop into make the shots to help make your child happy, but you will not be the focus.  Please feed and change your baby shortly before you arrive.  Do not over do it with props, there is simply not time.  These sessions are best for little ones who are not yet walking.  Should you want more time, please sign up for a portrait session.

Can I bring my newborn?  Unless it is specified as a baby only mini shoot where newborns are allowed, you can not bring a baby under 8 weeks old to a mini shoot.  These sessions are all weather and non-refundable (no matter the reason) so these sessions are not the best option for the little loves.  Schedule a newborn shoot at your home or wait a few weeks when they are stronger and can go longer without needed a change or feed.

What if I am running late?  Sessions are booked back to back all day and any delay will cut into your time.  It is best to arrive early, get situated and be ready before your time so you are in a relaxed mood, you would not believe how quickly 20 minutes can pass!  Sessions are non refundable and are not rescheduled due to punctuality.

What should we wear?  The best way to decide is to cruise around and see what you like.  I recommend you wear complementary clothing colors and textures but avoid matching outright.  Check out my Pinterest board and page for more tips.

Can I take pictures during the mini shoot? This seems obvious but, NO.  Do not take pictures while I am taking pictures.  People, especially cute young, little people, do not know where to look and it takes away from your mini shoot.  You will get the images so there is no need to do this and it will largely take away from what you have already paid for.