Business Branding at Rendition Studios

These sessions are intended to give online visitors a gateway into your business.  Images are a strong alternative to stock photography.  Sessions are done in natural light and there is little to NO retouching to allow for the most authentic reflection of your environment and depiction of the client’s experience. At a typical business branding shoot, my goal is to give you a mix of environmental portraits combined with lifestyle/candid shots, business details, exterior and interior shots (if needed). Special tools or instruments you use, you at your desk, working with clients, your dog… whomever or whatever  is that is normally there and whatever it is you typically do will be captured.

What kind of businesses use this service?  I have photographed medical offices, architectural firms, law firms, personal trainers, triathlon groups, small business startups, spas, non profit startups, restaurants, fulfillment warehouses, golf warehouse and product manufacturers.. you have a business, I will photograph it. 

What to expect?  On shoot day I will have you show me the space and meet the staff.  I might take a few test shots and check the lighting to see where it will be best to start. Areas near windows or stairways can work well for portraits, outdoor spaces are the best.  If you have models or sample clients coming, be sure to coordinate their arrival with me in advance so we can most effectively use their time. Have the location completely cleaned up and hide whatever you do not want shown (kleenex boxes, cups, trash cans, water bottles, etc). That being said, a messy desk can be marketed, it is who you are and that is not a bad thing… it shows you are busy and that you work. DO hide papers that show patient or legal information.

$500 Fee Includes:

  • Edited images

  • One hour on site

  • Online Image Gallery and Slideshow

  • Direct Download

  • Travel is included 20 miles from Rendition Studios

  • A mix of color, black and white, and artistically styled digital JPG images

  • Photographer chosen editing (includes: exposure, tone, crop and color adjustments – limited photoshop)

  • Online Professional Photography Products from the Rendition Studios Store.

I do not charge by the number of shots you will get.  That varies with each session.  I charge have an hourly fee.

Additional Fees:  Retouching available for a limited time for an additional fee ($2/minute, payable in advance).   Additional photo CD or USBs are $50.  Additional time, $500/hour.  $2/mile Travel fee applies when 20 miles from Rendition Studios 80220, billed round trip.  *see photoshoot links for specifics related to your shoot type, please email with questions. $50 per additional personal digital copyright release for staff or clientele featured in the images. I do not do product photography.  A Site Visit (with no photography) is $60 hour with a one hour minimum, plus travel. All fees must be paid in full for your images to be released.  Quote given in advance to work.  Anyone included in the photo session will need to sign a model release, photos are released to your business only, not for any third parties.  

Terms and Conditions:

MODEL RELEASE. The Client grants to RENDITION STUDIOS (RS), the right to use and publish photographs of The Client and family or in which The Client and family may be included, for advertising photography services and any other related purpose; to alter the same; and to copyright the same. The Client hereby releases RENDITION STUDIOS and its legal representatives and assigns from all claims and liability relating to said photographs.

IMAGE COPYRIGHTS: The photographs produced by RENDITION STUDIOS are protected by Federal Copyright Law (all rights reserved) and may not be reproduced in any manner without RENDITION STUDIOS’ explicitly written permission. Upon final payment by the client, the client has personal copyright ownership of the resulting images which may be used only for personal use and may not be copied, marketed, distributed or reprinted for profit. By purchasing the CD of images, the client may make prints for personal use and sharing, as well as use for their personal blogs, sites, and social networks. Whenever possible, please credit Rendition Studios for the photography work by tagging the studio OR putting the website in the photo notes.

LIMIT OF LIABILITY: RENDITION STUDIOS takes the utmost care with respect to exposure, transportation, and processing the photographs. However, in the unlikely event that photographs have been lost, stolen, or destroyed for reasons within or beyond RENDITION STUDIOS’ control, RENDITION STUDIOS’ liability is limited to the return of all payments received for the portrait package. No shots, priorities, or poses are guaranteed. Your safety and that of your family is your responsibility. If you are uncomfortable in any suggested pose or photo location, do not do the pose and we can always move locations.

PROCESSING AND PRINTING: RS will apply it’s own artistic style to each image. Each computer screen and photography printer will interpret that style, and color/BW image differently. Client releases RS from any liability for any claims whatsoever based upon such inherent qualities. If the Client desires to print the images with a company other than RS, the Client releases RS from any responsibility related to such printing.

To book your session, email Laurie Callahan OR call 720-560-1611.